Pro-life Panel: Barbara Buzzard

 Let me say at the outset that I have no condemnation for anyone who has ever chosen abortion or worked in the abortion industry. Both repentance and the resulting forgiveness are 2 of the most wonderful gifts we could be given.

Mine is not a war on choice. It is a revulsion against the killing of innocent children. It is a war on what that choice IS   – the death of an innocent child.

Pro-choice for 1 means death for another. The word choice is a brilliantly evil choice of words because it blinds us to what that choice is. These word-games take lives. These word-games corrupt our thinking The choice to do WHAT?!      

When someone settles for choice – someone will die.!

To decide that a child must die so that you can do as you wish is 1 of the greatest moral evils and human miseries ever perpetrated on our culture.

   Call me a radical – I just don’t think that dismembering or otherwise poisoning the very ones we are called to protect is healthcare. It has been established that one can feel pain at least by12 wks (possibly even 5); if the act is committed by chemical poisoning – it causes the baby to feel the same agony as an adult who has suffered burns over 80%  of his body. As technology advances – the clearer the horror becomes.

The issue is the magnitude of the suffering!

PAS – Post-abortion Stress Syndrome  – the stress is found to affect both men and women who are unable to resolve their losses and come to inner peace.

Some women are unable to go to the dentist after an abortion – the sound of the suction machine is too much for them. Others are unable to enter a totally renovated PP facility – pro-life but they can’t make it over the doorstep. Others tell me all happiness has been stolen from them – as they always have a little ghost w. them. As one person put it: the father of my baby drove me to the abortion mill and I sacrificed my child on the altar of self-preservation.

     AB was the leading cause of death in 2020  – worldwide, killing 42.6 million people & being 23x more deadly than Covid. Not only leading cause but almost more than all other causes combined.

     The child’s definition of abortion is starkly true – it’s when a mother kills her baby. A more complete definition is “the willful killing of the most innocent of God’s creation.” Or this: parents wanting to legally kill their child. My focus is simply this – to make abortion unthinkable, remembering that silence is assent and that God equates one who blesses evil with the evildoer – and  that approval or justification makes us as guilty as the person doing the deed.

     My interest in this began years ago when I read the actual testimony of the RvW case. It exposes the most desperate corruption, the most  shocking willful ignorance, and the most dangerous apathy I could imagine.

Our abortion laws and ruling are built on  lies. Abortion is fed and maintained by lies. The very premise upon which abortion was legalized was a lie!

   An example: we were lied to as to what an unborn child is – not a clump of cells – it is a miniature human being.

The ones promoting the lies were agenda-driven people.

     Another example: We were lied to with regard to what were termed backstreet abortions. Those #s were simply pulled out of the air so as to secure the vote of the Justices and to make the public think that we MUST legalize ab. (There were about three hundred deaths from criminal abortions in the 60’s but the public were lied to and told the figure was 5,000.) The justices had not done their h/w; 2 or 3 had relatives actually working for PP, and after the ruling, 1 of the justices said that the lawyer for Roe was attractive and persistent and so we just gave her what she wanted.

And on that was founded nearly 50 years of legal child killing.

     The Dr. responsible for these lies has admitted them, bitterly regretted and repented of them.This Dr. Nathanson  personally performed over 75,000 abs and was the Dir. of the largest abortion clinic in the country. He said that seeing the unborn baby on an ultrasound during an ab procedure caused him to have a conversion experience.. He came to view what he had been involved with as Satanic and depraved and marvels at how he couldn’t see it then. He began to see that ab was an impermissible act of violence.  

  And let me add here that Dr. Nathanson, with his vast experience has noted along w. others that often women haven’t decided absolutely to go ahead w an abortion until they get to the table. They are tortured. I mention this because it validates the work of sidewalk counselors who seek to speak to women with  love – to help them change their minds, to give them hope and resources. I have heard of a woman changing her mind on the way to the ab clinic because of the bumper sticker that said “Abortion stops a beating heart.” .We NEED to be there to stop the slaughter.  Another woman has said that if just one person had spoken to her – questioned her- even challenged her – while she waited  – she would not have gone ahead w. the abortion. And many say: if I had only known….And that is why we should speak. The media, the pro-death brigade  & to some extent the silent church  have promoted an ugly picture of pro-life workers. In my experience – it is exactly the opposite. And as one example, when Abby Johnson, a PP director quit her job – she knew where to run – right to the people who had stood protesting outside her clinic for years. She knew that was where she would find love and acceptance.

     MLK – “Our lives begin to end when we become silent on the things that matter.” I believe that this is profoundly true.  In this country, we have for 48 yrs. allowed innocent babies to be slaughtered. We go on w. our business and our lives, and the pastors go on with their ministries while these babies perish, 3,500 every day.

Where is the outrage by the people of God? The churches of America including the  pastors of America are mostly silent,. Matt Walsh puts it this way: to all pastors afraid of condemning abortion – find a new job. You aren’t qualified. Even the horror of partial birth abortion seems not enough to galvanizes us.. What has happened to us that this slaughter which should sicken us and revolt us doesn’t? One pastor who says that he had been wary and tepid about speaking out found that by educating himself, by facing the Truth of what abortion is and does – he became a changed man and a passionate pro-life activist. Another pastor says that the  most powerful.reason for not speaking out against ab was fear of man.

How can we survive if we call immoral things moral? The Scriptures indict pastors who have become silent, it says they are like silent dogs who cannot bark and are therefore useless, still silent shepherds. When pastors turn away, they teach us by their example that that is OK; when they fail to speak out, they become participants in the evil.. The church has allowed itself to become silenced – it has committed the sin of silence. Have we become incapable of shame? As one man wrote to me – my gut reaction to those who continue to support it is that they have become incapable of being moved at human suffering.

     Here is one commonly used ruse to avoid standing or speaking up. (Randy Alcorn – ?) People say, personally I am against ab but then go on to approve  another’s right to abortion. That is  self contradictory. It would be like saying, Personally I am against child abuse but I defend my neighbor’s right to abuse his child if that is his choice.  

     This challenging ques. comes to us from Aus. Marvyn  Iles who asks: Which of us ever thought that out of the 10 commandments – the one we would be most likely to break is the you shall not kill. And please know this – one former ab dr.  says that before he dies he wants to forget what it feels like to take a life.

        This country is supposed to have as a foundational principle –respect for life..The right to choose is a smokescreen for perpetuating 1 of most heinous evils of our time. Ab is morally unjust, a massacre of Innocents, unimaginably horrific, unthinkably evil, depraved, grotesquely immoral.

  Scrip. has a way of indicting us all: “Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to death; don’t stand back and let them die . Don’t try to avoid responsibility by saying you didn’t know about it.”(NLT, Pro. 24:11,12). I would submit that to stand idly by is  unacceptable and unbiblical.

     Abortion is always wrong because it is always killing. There is ALWAYS a better way!

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