The Abortion, Pro-Life vote.

But what about the abortion issue?

Some wickedly accuse voters or non-voters of contributing to abortion, for voting for a certain candidate or by abstaining from voting altogether. It’s certainly an important issue, and presidents can appoint Supreme Court justices (if an opening even exists during their term), but is making it illegal once again going to eliminate it? Do federal laws in this or any country really change hearts and stop wickedness? Or does the gospel change them and stop wickedness, when Christ and God reign in the heart of a true convert to righteousness? Whether you vote for every candidate solely based on their pro-life stance to save unborn children, how many pro-life candidates have actually overturned the “Roe v Wade” decision in 1973?

Pull out your fingers for this one: a whopping none.


Even before abortion became ‘legal’ in the eyes of the US government, thousands upon thousands still occurred illegally. I will preach against the wickedness of abortion when led to do so until death, and if one is led to attempt to move others (to include politicians) to stop it, great! But don’t dare accuse one of contributing to the murder of babies by simply not casting a ballot.

A federal, state, or local law will not stop a mother determined to murder her own child in her own home with her own instruments. But the true God and true Messiah in her heart will give her power to overcome that and any other temptation in life, hope for her future regardless of current circumstances, and peace in her heart as she lovingly obeys all the commands of Christ.

So I will continue to focus my efforts on her and others like her, regardless of what laws exist in some country, or how others may wrongfully accuse me (and other brothers and sisters).

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