Moody’s Christian Worker Magazine 1917.

The Word of the Cross: Christ Again Before the Tribunal pamphlet.

Surely, if Christians were forbidden to fight to preserve the Person of their Lord and Master, they may not fight to preserve themselves, or any city they should happen to dwell in. Christ has no kingdom here. His servants must not fight. The Christian may not go to “the front” to repel the foe for there he is required to kill men.

They (referring to the Twelve Apostles) knew the force of the Lord’s example, and whether to save themselves or to save others— never, never use the sword.

Better a thousand times to die than for a Christian to kill his fellow.

I do not say that it is wrong for a nation to go to war to preserve its interests, but it is wrong to the Christian, absolutely, unutterably wrong.

Under no circumstances can I undertake any service that has for its purpose the prosecution of war.